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Newspaper Headline**: Wilma Mankiller Quarters Spark Collectors' Frenzy


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The recent debut of the Wilma Mankiller quarters has triggered a surge of interest among collectors, underscoring the widespread appeal and importance of these newly minted coins.

As part of the American Women Quarters Program, these quarters honor the accomplishments of influential women, including the likes of Maya Angelou and Dr. Sally Ride.

Crafted by talented designers, these quarters boast intricate designs that encapsulate the essence of Wilma Mankiller.

With limited availability and enthusiastic responses from collectors, the frenzy surrounding these quarters hints at a larger narrative unfolding within the numismatic community.

Key Takeaways

  • Limited availability and high demand for Wilma Mankiller quarters.
  • Collectors experiencing excitement and eagerness to acquire these unique coins.
  • Varied reception with reports of some collectors finding the quarters in circulation.
  • Other American Women Quarters also in high demand, with some sets quickly selling out.

Mint Shipping Wilma Mankiller Quarters

The shipment of the highly anticipated Wilma Mankiller quarters by the United States Mint to Federal Reserve Banks marks a significant milestone in the American Women Quarters Program.

This event has sparked a collector frenzy, with enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the opportunity to add these quarters to their collections.

Mint shipments are underway to meet the demand for these special coins, which celebrate the achievements of remarkable women in American history.

The release of the Wilma Mankiller quarters has generated excitement in the numismatic community, with many enthusiastic to secure these unique pieces.

As the Mint works to distribute the quarters to Federal Reserve Banks, collectors are preparing to acquire this valuable addition to their portfolios.

American Women Quarters Program Celebration

Celebrating the achievements of notable women in American history, the American Women Quarters Program has captivated collectors and enthusiasts alike with its commemorative coin releases. The program highlights women's achievements such as Maya Angelou, Dr. Sally Ride, Wilma Mankiller, Nina Otero-Warren, and Anna May Wong, honoring their significant contributions to society.

Collectors' excitement has been palpable as they eagerly seek out these quarters to commemorate the legacy of these remarkable women. The coins, designed by Benjamin Sowards and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill, beautifully depict these trailblazers, sparking a new wave of interest in numismatics and celebrating the diversity of American history.

The American Women Quarters Program is not just a collection of coins; it's a tribute to the resilience and impact of women throughout the nation's history.

Designers and Sculptors Information

Internationally recognized for their artistic prowess, the designers and sculptors behind the American Women Quarters Program have skillfully brought to life the inspiring legacy of remarkable women in American history. Laura Gardin Fraser, a prominent female sculptor of the early 20th century, left her mark on the quarters by designing the obverse featuring George Washington. Phebe Hemphill, known for her exceptional sculpting skills, beautifully captured the essence of Wilma Mankiller with a resolute gaze and the Cherokee Nation star. Their collaboration has resulted in a collection of quarters that not only honors these extraordinary women but also showcases the talent and dedication of female sculptors in the numismatic world.

Designers Sculptors
Laura Gardin Fraser Phebe Hemphill

Availability of Uncirculated Quarters

With the release of the Wilma Mankiller quarters as part of the American Women Quarters Program, collectors now have access to uncirculated quarters that showcase the achievements of remarkable women in American history. The collector demand for these quarters has surged, reflecting a growing interest in honoring influential women through numismatics.

Market trends indicate that these uncirculated quarters are highly sought after, with limited availability causing some sets to sell out quickly. Enthusiasts are keen to acquire these quarters, which come in various product options such as 2-roll sets, 3-roll sets, and 100-coin bags. The prices, ranging from $36 to $54, demonstrate the value placed on these unique pieces of history.

Product Options and Pricing Details

The Wilma Mankiller quarters are available in various product options and price ranges, catering to collectors interested in acquiring these unique pieces of numismatic history. The collector demand for these quarters has led to varied pricing trends, with sets quickly selling out due to limited availability. Below is a table summarizing the product options and pricing details:

Product Options Price Range
2-roll set $36
3-roll set $45
100-coin bags $54

Collectors seeking to own a piece of history through the Wilma Mankiller quarters have shown enthusiasm, driving the market for these coins. The pricing trends reflect the high demand and limited supply, making these quarters a sought-after addition to numismatic collections.

Public Reception and Circulation Reports

Continuing the conversation on the Wilma Mankiller quarters, the public reception and circulation reports provide insights into the experiences of collectors and the availability of these historically significant coins in various regions. Collector reactions have been enthusiastic, with some collectors expressing excitement upon acquiring the quarters, while others have faced challenges due to limited availability in certain areas. Reports indicate mixed experiences of collectors in different regions, with some fortunate enough to receive the quarters in circulation.

These reports highlight the significance and demand for the Wilma Mankiller quarters, underscoring their importance in numismatic circles. The regional availability of these coins adds an interesting dimension to the overall reception, showcasing the widespread interest in honoring the achievements of remarkable women through coinage.

Limited Availability and Quick Sales

Amidst the release of the Wilma Mankiller quarters, the swift sales and limited availability have captured the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike. Collector demand for these quarters has surged, reflecting a growing interest in honoring significant figures through numismatic pieces.

Market trends indicate a rapid uptake of the product options offered by the United States Mint, with some sets selling out quickly due to limited availability. The competitive prices ranging from $36 to $54 have not deterred collectors, highlighting the appeal of these quarters commemorating remarkable women.

As the frenzy continues, it is evident that the Wilma Mankiller quarters have sparked a wave of excitement in the numismatic community, shaping the landscape of modern coin collection.

Collector Experiences and Responses

Collector experiences and responses to the Wilma Mankiller quarters have been overwhelmingly positive, reflecting a widespread enthusiasm for honoring the achievements of remarkable women through numismatic collectibles.

The regional distribution of these quarters has led to varied experiences among collectors, with reports of limited availability in certain areas. Despite these challenges, collector enthusiasm remains high, driven by the significance of honoring Wilma Mankiller and other influential women on U.S. currency.

The positive responses from those who have acquired the quarters highlight the importance of representation in numismatic collections. As collectors continue to engage with the American Women Quarters Program, the demand for these commemorative coins is expected to grow, underscoring the impact of celebrating diverse historical figures through coinage.

Numismatic Updates and Industry Highlights

The numismatic landscape is abuzz with recent updates and industry highlights, showcasing the dynamic evolution of coin production and collecting.

Industry trends and market analysis reveal a growing interest in numismatic innovations and technology advancements. The Central States Numismatic Society's annual Q. David Bowers Award recognizes notable contributions to the field, while recommendations for dual-dated 1776~2026 Cent and Nickel coins suggest a forward-looking approach.

Highlights of the 2026 Semiquincentennial Gold Coins and the U.S. Mint's coin production statistics for January 2024 provide valuable insights into the market.

Additionally, pre-ordering has commenced for the 2024 Greatest Generation Commemorative Coins, reflecting the continued enthusiasm for numismatics and the evolving preferences of collectors.


To sum up, the release of the Wilma Mankiller quarters has generated significant excitement among collectors, reflecting the growing interest in honoring influential women through numismatic commemorations.

The intricate design details and limited availability of these quarters have contributed to their swift sales and positive reception among the public.

As part of the American Women Quarters Program, these coins serve as a fitting tribute to the remarkable achievements and legacies of women who have made a significant impact in history.


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