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Special V75 Privy Mark on 2020-W Quarters


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The integration of the V75 privy mark on the 2020-W quarters serves as a poignant reminder of a pivotal historical moment. The limited release of these quarters from the West Point Mint elevates their value not only in the numismatic world but also as a tangible connection to a significant chapter in global history.

As collectors and enthusiasts alike turn their attention to this unique addition, the discussion shifts towards the implications of such a distinctive mark on the coinage landscape. The impact of this commemorative feature extends beyond its aesthetic appeal, prompting a closer examination of the narratives embedded within each quarter and the resonance they hold for both seasoned numismatists and newcomers to the field.

Key Takeaways

  • 10 million 2020-W quarters with V75 privy mark to honor WWII victory.
  • V75 privy mark features Rainbow Pool aerial shape above LIBERTY inscription.
  • Quarters part of America the Beautiful Quarters® Program honoring national parks.
  • Collection includes unique privy marks on other U.S. Mint coins for 2020.

Significance of V75 Privy Mark

The V75 privy mark featured on the 2020-W quarters holds significant historical and commemorative value, symbolizing the victory of World War II and paying tribute to the sacrifices made during that era.

This unique mark, denoting the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, adds a layer of historical importance to the quarters, making them a poignant reminder of the past.

The rarity of the V75 privy mark further enhances its significance, as collectors and history enthusiasts alike seek to acquire these special coins for their collections.

The commemoration of such a pivotal moment in history through the design of these quarters elevates their value beyond just monetary worth, turning them into tangible artifacts of remembrance and respect.

Design of V75 Privy Mark

An intricate representation of historical significance, the design of the V75 privy mark on the 2020-W quarters intricately captures the essence of commemorating the victory of World War II.

The V75 privy mark, featuring the aerial shape of the Rainbow Pool, adds a unique touch to these coins, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and historical significance.

This distinctive design not only adds collectible value to the quarters but also increases their rarity, making them sought after by numismatists and history enthusiasts alike.

The placement of the V75 privy mark above the inscription LIBERTY on the quarters further emphasizes the theme of victory and freedom, resonating with those who appreciate the story behind these special coins.

Release Details of 2020-W Quarters

In light of the intricate design and historical significance of the V75 privy mark on the 2020-W quarters, understanding the release details of these special coins becomes paramount.

The 10 million quarters with the unique V75 privy mark and W mint mark are set to be issued as part of the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program, honoring various national parks and sites across states and territories.

The first two quarter designs were launched on April 6, with collector demand driving pricing fluctuations. Some collectors are already paying high prices for the Weir Farms and Samoa Nat Park quarters, indicating a strong market response.

However, prices are expected to drop by the end of the year as availability increases and the initial hype subsides.

U.S. Mint's Coin Production

How does the U.S. Mint's coin production process contribute to the circulation of collectible coins like the 2020-W quarters with the special V75 privy mark?

  1. Minting Process:

The U.S. Mint employs traditional methods at the Denver and Philadelphia Mints, where coins are struck. The West Point Mint, known for producing bullion and numismatic coins, also plays a role in minting quarters with special features like the V75 privy mark.

  1. Production Numbers:

In 2019, the U.S. Mint generated over 11.9 billion coins for circulation. The production of quarters for 2020 is anticipated to be at a similar scale, ensuring a steady flow of coins with unique designs and marks into circulation.

  1. Future Plans:

The U.S. Mint intends to feature more distinctive privy marks on coins throughout 2020, enhancing the collectibility and variety of coins available to the public.

Market Response and Prices

The response of the market to the release of the 2020-W V75 quarters with unique privy marks has been closely monitored for fluctuations in prices and collector demand. Collector interest in these special quarters has led to varying pricing trends, with the first two released designs, featuring Weir Farms and Samoa National Park, commanding different prices on platforms like eBay. Some collectors are willing to pay high prices for these rare coins, although it is expected that prices will decrease by the end of the year. Market response is heavily influenced by media coverage and the level of collector demand.

Design Price Range ($)
Weir Farms $50 – $100
Samoa Nat Park $30 – $70

Challenges in Acquiring 2020-W Quarters

Amidst the pursuit of acquiring the 2020-W quarters with the unique V75 privy mark, collectors are encountering various obstacles in securing these prized coins. These challenges are primarily attributed to the following factors:

  1. Distribution methods: The U.S. Mint's distribution strategy of mixing W quarters among P and D mint mark quarters has made it difficult for collectors to pinpoint and acquire the desired coins.
  2. Circulation challenges: W quarters are not included in bulk bags sold to coin dealers, further complicating the process of finding these specific quarters in circulation.
  3. Limited availability: Genuine collectors are facing difficulties in acquiring 2020-W quarters without resorting to purchasing from resellers due to the scarcity of these coins in circulation.

Suggestions for Distribution Improvement

Considering the challenges faced by collectors in acquiring the 2020-W quarters with the unique V75 privy mark, reevaluating the U.S. Mint's distribution methods to enhance accessibility and fairness for genuine collectors is crucial.

Improving availability of these special quarters can be achieved through strategic distribution strategies, such as implementing a direct-to-collector distribution system. This system could guarantee that dedicated collectors have a fair chance at acquiring these coins without having to compete with resellers in the secondary market.

Additionally, the Mint could consider releasing these special quarters through designated channels or events to further enhance the accessibility for collectors.


To sum up, the introduction of the special V75 privy mark on the 2020-W quarters by the U.S. Mint signifies a significant event for collectors and numismatists. The unique design commemorating the victory of World War II adds value and historical significance to these limited mintage coins.

Despite challenges in acquiring them, the market response and prices indicate a strong interest in these quarters. Improvements in distribution could enhance accessibility for collectors seeking to add these coins to their collections.


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